30/09/1991 tarot1990

Tarot „Demo´90“ vs Metallica „Black Album“ – Review

by a great guy in a great Magazine – maybe 30.09.1991 ..

„This is really great !!! Everything is good ! The sound is good, the cover is good, the rhythm is good, the melodies are great, the guitar solos are perfect and the vocals are really great ! I just can´t believe that they´ve only played three gigs, and most of all, that no label has signed them ! A bad thing ? Well, there are only 4 tracks and „Too late for love“ is not so great. What they play ? they play the „old kind of heavy Metal“, melodic and powerfull. If you like heavy Metal, you MUST send 10DM to … 

18/20 -P-„

But the best part of this review is on the right side of us on the pic … together with the review about Metallica „Black Album“ (great times) and they got only  16/20 -P- 😉

thanx a lot to the unknown writer (if somebody knows him and this `zine ,leave us a comment), but the success of  the „Black Album“ shows to our „Demo 90“ .. Sad but true ! 🙂