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About TAROT beyond


A Hard Rock Band founded 1988 as TAROT in West Berlin. Four years we´ve been walkin´ together the long way to the top, if u wanna rock´n roll ..


Classic Rock, influenced by great Bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake ..


to release our old recordings from ´90 – ´92, digital remastered, no overdubs .. EDGE of HEAVEN – Sounds from the last century.

Return from the Beyond.

Do you believe in miracles? Join our unbelievable rebirth.

Once upon a time and we are talking about times, when every musician could only dream of e-mail communication, facebook and garage band … a band called Metallica released their famous black album. And if you have looked closely, you maybe could have found nearby a little notice in the demo corner: an unknown band from Berlin called TAROT released their first demo tape. You are damn right, it was a tape! From Europe to Japan and South America, the demo got pretty good critics worldwide. When The Scorpions decided to drop their contract we the Dierks Studios, we got the opportunity to walk in their footsteps. We got the offer, that Stefan Kaufmann from Accept could produce our first official release. But to make a long story short, we were young and green. So we missed our change and went down the road so many bands had went before us. The road to nowhere. That should have been the end of the story. Really?

26 years later, we got an email. A pretty wise guy had rememberd the opening song ATLANTIS over the decades and asked for more! This was the start of our rebirth: TAROT beyond. But where are all the old songs? Searching our cellars brought a lot of new stuff to light. Some recordings sound okay, other a little noisy. Althought not every recording is on the best technical and musical standard, there are gallons of spirit in it. So we remastered the old tapes as best as we can and give you now the change to join a german hard rock band, that has returned from the Beyond.

Life is full of miracles, so have fun.






Years later


rockin´ again



Line up TAROT beyond 1990 - 1992

Nils Brandt

Nils Brandt

The Magician Action View Details
Harry Amthor

Harry Amthor

Wheel of Fortune View Details
Marc Alexey Papanastasiou

Marc Alexey Papanastasiou

Ace of Swords View Details
Martin Mosh Breitenbach

Martin Mosh Breitenbach

Drums View Details
Martin Boettcher

Martin Boettcher

The Strenght View Details
Nils Brandt

Nils Brandt

The Magician Action


Upright – Beginnings, betrayal, delirium, extravagance, folly, frenzy, intoxication, mania

Absence, apathy, carelessness, naivety, negligence – Reversed

Harry Amthor

Harry Amthor

Wheel of Fortune

Upright – Destiny, good luck, Karma, life cycles, turning point

Bad luck, negative external forces, out of control – Reversed


Marc Alexey Papanastasiou

Marc Alexey Papanastasiou

Ace of Swords

Upright – Breakthrough mental clarity, raw power, victory

Chaos, Konfusion, lack of clarity – Reversed


  • – Berlin based
  • – started to play the guitar at the age of 5
  • – Bands before Tarot: TRITONUS, CALDERONE
  • – my Heroes  at this time: Michael Schenker, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Steve Vai
  • – after Tarot: MORAINE, CASHMYR, TANGERINE DREAM, SOUL DOCTOR, studies of classical Guitar
  • – Still active as Musician,  acoustical greek styled Band AENAOS
Martin Mosh Breitenbach

Martin Mosh Breitenbach


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Martin Boettcher

Martin Boettcher

The Strenght


Upright – Compassion, control, courage, patience, strength

Lack of self-discipline, self-doubt, weakness – Reversed

Hi I’am Martin, a child of Berlin.

At age of thirteen I fall in love with Hard Rock and Metal Music. It began with AC/DC and Scorps, following Priest, Maiden, Whitesnake, Accept, Schenker and so on.
At school, I make the Light-Show for my friends band and when he asked me if I want to play Bass in his band, I said YES …
… and I rise up from „Master of Lights“ to „Master of Bass“ (without any idea how to play a Bass).

I don’t want to be the best Bass player of all time. My Intention was to play in a band with some guys I loved and I love the power of hard-rock-music and to make vibrations in the air and on the floor.

The band called PROWLER, a great experience for many years. Don’t remember the band after that, but I remember TAROT!

It began in a cellar of parish house of evangelic church. Near the rehearsal room was a so called „decadence-room“ and we had lots of fun!

After some personal changes and in a new rehearsal room, the sun rises with Harry on Vocals.

But everything is gone over. The mistake of many bands: YOU HAVE TO STAY TOGETHER!

After TAROT I played in some local bands named KRANK, Smash ‚N‘ Grab, Gutmannsdoerffer, the reunion of PROWLER and in an AC/DC Cover Band called ROCKSTRØM.

I always had the luck to make music with talented musicians. I‘ am Thankful for hat.

Now I’m 50 and since three years I make a little break of playing bass because of my little four years old daughter Paula.

The news that there will be a chance for an album with our TAROT-Songs was unbelievable.
Of course I‘ am a big fan of Vinyl, my wish is, I had it once time on Vinyl.

A dream is, playing this famous songs once again live on Stage.

We will see what time brings!


why do we fall?

So we can learn to rise again – out of the beyond

TAROT beyond – Classic Rock Berlin

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